Secure wallet for digital assets and masternode hosting

The easiest, safest and fastest non-custodial wallet. Forsa gives you exclusive control of your private keys rather than entrusting them to a third party. it gives you complete control of your wallet and Masternodes, meaning your access is not dependent on any other entity and assets cannot be confiscated by another party.

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The best crypto features you won't find anywhere else

Secure & non-custodial

The most secure and decentralized digital asset and masternode management.

Monitoring status

Follow your masternode status closely receiving push notifications and monitoring your nodes

Send & Receive Anytime

Send and receive money at any time with maximum security, and complete decentralization

Shared masternode service

Forsa enables coin team and users to start a shared node and invite friends and investors to take part in the Masternode pool, lowering the entry cost to take part into a coin eco-system and earn rewards.

This way Forsa will make it possible for coin teams to directly offer shared Masternode pool for their investors, decreasing the risks associated with sending coins to external pools.

The most popular cryptocurrencies

Dash (DASH)

Dash gives you the freedom to move your money any way you want. Dash moves money anywhere, to anyone, instantly, for less than a cent.

Firo (XZC)

Firo is at the forefront of cryptocurrency privacy with Lelantus and Lelantus Spark providing trustless, on-chain privacy with high anonymity sets.

SysCoin (SYS)

Syscoin is the Bitcoin-Powered ecosystem securing rollups (L2s and L3s) with unmatched data availability.

Neoxa (NEOX)

Neoxa Blockchain is a project that's shaking up the gaming industry by offering a cryptocurrency that lets gamers earn while they play with ease.

Kiirocoin (KIIRO)

Kiiro has the potential to play a significant role in finance. Its focus on privacy, scalability, and security could make it an attractive option for a wide range of users.

PAC Protocol (PAC)

PAC Protocol is built on the foundation of a first-of-its-kind blockchain technology utilizing both proof-of-stake and deterministic master nodes to offer instant, secure and low-cost transfers.

Take full control of your crypto app

You can easily download the Forsa app from the App Store or Google Play (coming soon) on any device

Create an address and start holding your coins, and running masternodes securly

Forsa intends to list 100s of coins making live easy on all investors

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The most secure non-custodial wallet of today, in which you can easily store and start masternodes in a convenient easy and completely decentralized way.